Sunday, November 23, 2008

De.Jam ASEAN 2008

It's been long and i'm still busy. With the event coming up. Here i put up a promo video i made. 30seconds only. Just to get the hype about De.Jam 2008 going.
All in all..i'll be updating soon...ciaoz

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today is the 51st year of Independence for Malaysia, my country. I'm proud that we have been free for that long but we still have a long way to go. We may be free from outsiders but the freedom of ones self is another. Though sometimes we look upon others taunting and bragging about freedom but we ourselves aren't free from our egos. We are still in the mind set of those who dictate us. The law is the law and take good out of them all. Too much freedom can cause catastrophes but too little may not budge to move on. It is the state of mind which will make us free like water. A famous quote from bruce lee.

"Don't get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend."

CLASS TRIP: Malay Art and Culture Part 2

Continuing from my last posts...

Day 3 (August 17th)

This day we went to KB crafts where they make hand made silverware and jeweleries. The price was quite reasonable and their skill of making it amuse me. They can even make jewelery out of those dimes and nickels if you wanted to.
Next to it was the wau making wo
rkshop. Wau is a malay kite usually is very large and makes buzzing sound during flight. There are many types of waus but most common is the wau bulan which it looks like a crescent moon at the bottom of it. It is usually decorated with batik pattern.

Then we went to Cik Minah Songket where we see how they produce Songket (Cloth material which is weaved with thousands of strings to produce patterns). They have a shop upstairs and i actually bough some stuff there..hehehe
After that we went to a batik factory..forgot the name of it. Anyway..we watched how they made batik design on silk with wax and coloring it. So we gave it a try...
It was late evening we went to the Muzium. We only had a couple of minutes there till it closes.
Well its better than nothing.
After that we went around town and went to the famous marketplace. It was damn stuffy but full of interesting items. Bough some shredded beef jerkies traditionaly made..yummy.

Day 4 (August 18th)

That morning we checked out and headed to Kandis resource center. Another master craftman, a wood carver. It was the late Nik Rashidin's home and workshop. It has become his gallery of past works and collection.

After that we went on to Desa Ukir, more collection of master craftman's work and a study place for young carvers to master techniques and philosophy of wood carving (traditional malay style)

Then a couple of hours of bus ride to our next destination Terengganu. We arrived very late that night at Pantai Indah resort. It was right next to the beach...that night we checked in but we wanted to explore the area. We went on a late night beach walk till we saw A&W...wowza!!! hahaha...we ate there..very very late supper..huhuhu..we then walked back...and went to bed about 3am..still planning to swim at the pool before we go..

Day 5 (August 19th)

Its our last day!!! i woke up about 6.45am and looked out the balcony and saw the swimming pool signed that says "open from 7am to 8pm"...thats good enough form..without delay, called the guys and we all jumped in the pool. We were shouting and having a blast...the girls woke up and watched us by the pool and some watched from their balconies. Breakfast isn't serve till we just fool around and took some underwater pics..

At 9am we went straight to Muzium Terengganu at Losong. Its tremendously huge!!! with all the original architecture and boats surrounding it. We minggle around there but couldn't finish touring the whole place..such an interesting muzium...i suggest that next time we have to be there the whole day coz that day we had to go early for home. We stopped at pasar payang another market place and then off we go...back home...

We arrived late like 2am and we slept the whole night...satisfied but not too satisfied..hehehe..we wanted more!!!

enjoying the moment

With some of the classmates

Sunday, August 24, 2008

ClASS TRIP: Malay Art and Culture

Hey everyone!!! Last week me and my fellow classmates went to East Coast Malaysia (Kelantan and Terrengganu) where we stayed there for 5 days. Yipee!!! I love trips but this one was totally new to us since we were doing quite well on our project, the lecturers wanted us to see a closer look of what the real craft making was like. Yada yada..hehe..that's what always buzz in our heads when it comes to academic trips. I mean we all expect it would be a boring trip listening to people talking about there stuff. Well, we did just that...and MORE!!!

The trip consists of visits to master craftsman's workshops to see their works. We also went to the massive Museum in Terrengganu to see historic artifacts and vernacular architecture of the malays.

It was a Friday and I barely wake up to the 6am call. We stayed up late last night doing some packing and chit chattering about how anxious we were about the trip. At the house there was Bob, Fadzli and Along. All were talking about what they're gonna do and planning for some craft shopping hehe. Well, back to the story of day one..
We woke up got ready with our baggage. Called my lil' sis the night before to come and send me to the Faculty's bus stop since i had to send my car home before the trip. The others just walked all the way up..wasn't that far from where we live. I even offered Bob and the rest a lift but they insisted on walking.

At the bus stop, i was the only one early. So last minute check, i went to the studio to get a couple of things to bring like measuring tape. Oh yeah, i forgot to tell that our site for the project will be in Kelantan.

Got down and saw others are already waiting for the bus. Its been an hour and the bus didn't show up. We got news that we didn't get the University bus (that sux). Instead, we got a school bus. We were all feeling a bit uncomfortable hearing that we're gonna ride in a school bus. Well, I don't mind as long there is air conditioning hahaha..
The bus came off schedule but we all got in the bus. Nobody seems to complain about the bus anymore coz it got to television set with dvd players. nice collection of movies!!! that's great coz its gonna be a very long ride to Kelantan like 10 hours on a bus.

Basically for Day1 was the bus trip. We watc
hed movies, a couple of stops here and there like Pahang and we arrived at about 11pm. So which makes it a 12 hour trip. phew... We checked in at Dynasty Inn hotel in Kota Baru, Kelantan. Went out for late night supper hehehe..and off to sleep and prepare for Day 2!!!

DAY 2 (August 16th)
Saturday, the cold air conditioning of our hotel room seeps in our skin..owh what comfort..but then the wake up call spoils the mood. Along picked it up (rooming with Along) and we got ready and went upstairs where we have our buffet breakfast looking out the sky view of kota baru. Not what you see as a modern city. Differ by its non tall buildings and Islamic bill boards and few cars passing by in the morning.

Well, off to master Latif Long's place. He's a master carver in Malaysia and honed his skill from generation to generation from his forefathers and late father.

We arrived there and the master prepared us morning tea with traditional sweets. We ate by the massive workshop where tons of his work is in the making while watching his workers polishing up on details of door panel carvings.

After he introduces himself and his works, we wonder off the area and i saw this interesting looking boat where an ancient bird carving depicted on the head of the boat. He said that he made it when he was 23 years old and he would never sell it. The guy now is almost 70 years old and he was still looking steady.
The master
told us his story on making the head of the keris (an ancient malay weapon still use today in royal ceremony), we had lunch there where we ate rice with some grilled chicken i think heheehe...after that we then moved to the area where we suppose to design a gallery for him from our project. After all the measurements taken, we sat and listen to more stories. He is quite a story teller and he's drawings are incredible..very very good and steady hands for an old fella.
I managed to get his signature and a little drawing of a keris.
The whole entire day we were at his place and we left to our hotels and rest.

More pics of DAY 2

Monday, August 11, 2008


Izinkan aku berbahasa inggeris blea? hehe....Got some international readers who might not understand malay or my 'pasar' style malay.
Its been a long time since my last post and am sorry for that (if there are any readers). Been quite busy since the semester start. To top it off now i'm the president of IDEAS. LOads and loads of stuff has to be done. Meetings and stuff. I'll just take time to re adjust my timing and make time for blogging.
Well, since the semester start, now i'm in Bachelors Degree Studio 06 Interior Architecture in UiTM Malaysia, a project which is very challenging for me because it involves a deep understanding and creativity. The project is to choose a traditional item (malaysian crafts) and study the meaning behind it. I chose a Dayak item from Sarawak called a Terabai. It is a long shield with pointed ends where there are motives painted on it.
After choosing and studying the subject, we then have to reinterpret the meaning in visual like an example: a fruit which is an apple, and understand its shape and can we visualize an apple without making it look like an apple figuratively. It has characteristic and feel of an apple but it doesn't look like an apple. To interpret an apple in a sense where it looks conceptually meaningful. I'll tell more about it later on about the project. Right now i'm in the process of developing my ideas with sketches and study model. I'll be updating on it as soon as i can.

And oh yeah...about'll find the details at BOB'S blog..check it out.

A lot of things i missed on writting about for the last month. I'll be updating some more sooner or later.

Monday, June 23, 2008


hahahaha..cuba teka gambar ni?? wakakaka
Nila dia Bob..huhuhuhu... Dia la batch aku sejak semester 1 and roomate/housemate sampai ke skang. Kira dia ni kawan baik la. Susah senang time wat ID ngan dia gak. Ni gambar tadi dia open webcam kat YM...
dia kata dia comel la konon..huhuhuhu..harap awek2 diluar sana bley tgk kecomelan dia dalam webcam dia tu..huhuhu
check out bob's blog


Dari tajuk ni mesti ada yang pikir bola sepak tapi aku maksudkan BASKETBALL. hehehe..Aku dari kecik membesar ngan permainan ni. Pasal ikut ayah belajar luar le aku stat minat tgk NBA (National Basketball Association) ni. Dulu dengan team2 hebat cam chicago bulls, new jersey nets, L.A Lakers and otai2 dulu Boston Celtics.. Boston Celtics ni Legend dalam permainan ni..diorang banyak menang kejuaraan tapi dalam 20 tahun lebih da tak menang sehingga tahun ni baru dapat kemenangan. YES!!! Celtics kalahkan LA Lakers dalam 6 perlawanan je..huhuhu..hebat..


Aku nak ucapkan tahniah wat mereka!! dan terima kasih atas menunjukan aku apa makna nye untuk mengejar impian walaupun berdekad baru tercapai...Tahun Depan kekalkan kejuaraan ye!!! GO CELTICS!!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Memandangkan dunia skarang ni banyak huru hara dengan kenaikan harga minyak dan krisis makanan yg melanda kita ni, aku banyak fikir gak. Kenapa? apa? smua le...
Nak ikutkan..smua org taknak benda ni jadi so takkan orang nak wat camtu. Mungkin benda ni takleh dielakkan..mungkin ni angkara yahudi..huhuhu..
Tapi yang pasti kita kena ubah gaya hidup kita. Mungkin kita smua terkejut ngan perubahan ni tapi dalam beberapa tahun akan mungkin dah jadi perkara biasa. Macam di jepun dulu..minyak diorang lagi mahal..agak terkejut gak diorang..tapi dalam berapa tahun..smua bley adjust ngan hidup diorang. Kita mesti bleh sedangkan negara lain, minyak diorang lagi mahal. Kira kerajaan kita masih lagi bagi subsidi pada kita untuk kesenangan rakyat.
Jadi benda ni akan mengajar kita, untuk berjimat dan makan seimbang. Secara tak langsung kita jadi sihat.
Lagi bila kita kekurangan tenaga buruh service kutipan sampah di sekitar kita ni. Macam pekerja2 dah makin berkurang gara2 bayaran tak dapat kerana sistem nye smua secara tunai. Kerana minyak diesal juga naik..peruntukan cuma dapat beberapa trip je sminggu. Kalo seperti biasa..kita banyak sampah sarap skitar bandar tapi ada tukang bersih. Skang bekurangnye diorang...ia jugak akan mengajar kita kebersihan dan moral utk buang sampah ditong2 disediakan. Aku perhati gak bbdk kita skang byk ske buang sampah luar tingkap kete la..dalam longkang ar...bila kotor..complain padahal..salah sendiri...
Kita bangga ngan negara kita kononye nak jadi 'First world country' tapi mentality kita masih lagi 'third world'...
Jadi benda ni diharapkan bleh merubah sikap kita untuk menjadi lebih disiplin. Aku pun sedang merubah gaya hidup. Bagaimana pula korang smua??
Fotograph by Nurul Hanim


Ni keje2 aku dulu time final semester studio 06. Kira nak katakan ni la final project..yg teramat final bagi diploma interior design. Ku pilih projek ni pon pasal aku membesar ngan mende2 ni. So ayah aku ni da kira pakar dalam pendidikan awal kanak-kanak kat malaysia ni. huhuhu..enough la sedikit pic dari keje2 aku yg agak membingungkan.

Tak pernah wat projek kanak2..banyak benda nak considor dari anthropometric and agronomic kanak2...Memang wat pening nak scale balik and design balik furniture...lagi satu image dia yang kena agak "naive" and free. Payah gak..tapi all in all..aku berjaya gak dapat A..huhuhu


Pic2 smua ni adalah antara keje2 dulu aku wat time freelance dan practicle. Pada sesape tak pernah tgk work aku. Ni le hasilnye. Maaf kalo tak cantek sebab aku ni tak sehebat mcm otai2 kat luar sana..hehe peace

Dari atas: CDC lobby, CDC conference room1 and 2 (dua view angle berlainan), Bathroom, Apartment lift lobby dan Living Room


Robot2 ni ciptaan aku time aku tgh boring2 kat office time aku practical dulu.. Sempat la aku wat "hanbot" ngan "bobot"..satu girl bot ni pasal aimi nak sangat robot aku bagi dia "aimibot"...ingat dulu nak wat satu batch tapi nak charaterize satu robot agak sukar le..sbb dia rigid and unnatural..hehe

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Mende ni memang da citer lama...tapi saja nak letak dalam blog pasal konvo aritu pada 27 Mei 2008...Hari yang lama kutunggu sejak aku grad diploma RekaBentuk Dalaman. Suasana time kat UiTM pun agak hangat gak la..RAMAI giler orang....smua ngan hal masing2..takde sempat nak ambik gambar ngan member2..maklumla..kita ngan parents kita..takkan nak tinggalkan diorang ye tak? So yang sempat ambik gambar pun gambar studio..huhuhuhu

Pendek kata..ari best..terharu plak masa nyanyi lagu UiTM. Macam nyanyi negara ku bila menang sukan olympic...huhuhuhu memang feel giler ar...Kalo ari biasa..takde le rasa sgt..tapi bila hari untuk kita dan kemenangan kita tu..memang terharu la..Ni yang semangat nak buat lagi elok time degree!!

Pada kawan2 yang aku tak sempat nak jumpa atau ambik gambar sekali time tu..minta maaf ye. Keadaan tak mengizinkan..len kali aku try..hehehe..
All da best to batch 45!!!! yahoo!!! kita da grad!!!!


Minggu ni agak teruk gak le gara2 nak submit utk TIGABELAS (28hb)...tapi competition nye submit smalam!!! (20hb). Dari aku dapat 2 minggu nak submit sminggu je ada. Dengan pertolongan yang seciput je..terasa gak nak patah badan ni..lagi2 aku kena turun naik kampus pasal urusan office. Maklumlah..aku ni dilantik sebagai project manager untuk TIGABELAS. Bab jadi kepala event ni memang aku tak gemar dari dulu lagi. Dengan tanggungjawab nye lagi...ish. tapi kalo untuk department dan takde sape lagi..aku terime je la..

Pada sape yang tak tau TIGABELAS tu..aku explain le skit sbanyak aku tau. Dia sebenarnye adalah satu event tahunan dipanggil INTERIOR STUDENT SATURDAY yang dianjurkan MSID. Title bagi tiap2 tahun tu dari nombor..macam SATU, DUA, TIGA...dan seterusnye...pada 2008 ni adalah tahun ke TIGABELAS le namanye...pada tiap tiap tahun plak ada tema dia. Selalunye tema bkenaan nature gak le..aku baru prasan le..mesti pasal kesenambungan antara manusia dalam alam sekitar..huhuhu..

Itu info nama je tadi..Dalam event ni semua(hampir smua) Institusi atau pusat pengajian tinggi yang ada program Interior Design atau Interior Architecture dijemput. Kira event ni macam hari keluarga, jom heboh utk student Interior design le. So, student dari UiTM, Lim Kok Wing, KBU, MIA, UCSI..dan byk lagi join...Yang watnye best tu kita dapat show off kita nye skill ngan present kita nye work2 dari skolah masing2...jadila mcm2 competition ada..yang penting nak menang tu ada criteria2 yang ditetapkan dan mengikut tema event tu. Competition banyak. Yang slalu tiap2 tahun mesti ada...competition persembahan, montage, student work dan installation (mcm benda2 model scale besar)..kat situ pentingnye kita dapat wat networking ngan bbdk skool lain mcm kita dapat bertukar2 ilmu kita and ramaikan member!!! hehehe Nanti keje..muke2 diorang gak yg kita jumpa..huhuhu.. OK..balik pada citer awal aku ni...TIGABELAS nye tema ni FUTURAMA. Pergh..first time aku dengar cam familiar..pasal aku ada gak tgk kartun futurama kat astro tu..lagi2 futurama tu adult cartoon yg ada jenaka org dewasa simpsons...(dua2 simpsons ngan futurama dari creator yg sama) Tapi lepas tgk briefing..len plak agak pening kepala le nak pikirkan concept dia ni.nak fahamkan. Minggu ni byk gak kena wat..tapi ngan pertolongan Bob..berjaya gak kita submit smua..tinggal minggu depan je...Persembahan ngan Pertandingan layang2..itu memang kena prepare...huhuhuhu..
Design 'bunting' aku wat untuk concept FUTURAMA for TIGABELAS. Time kasih Bob, Boy, Mas and Hasyir kerana dapat menyempurnakannye.

Pape pun moga2 UiTM Malaysia membuah kemenangan!!!yaargh!!
Untuk citer perjalanan progress TIGABELAS, sila klik SINIerjaya!!! yaargh..huhuhuhu